KNJAZ MILOS Remix Superior Orange 12/330ml (price includes CA CRV)

SKU: S9807


ReMix Knjaz is a unique product portfolio on the market in the segment of carbonated soft drinks. It represents an ideal mix of water and a high percentage of fruit juice, without artificial sweeteners, which makes it a superior refreshment and stands out from other drinks from its category.

ReMix Knjaz portfolio includes ReMix Knjaz Pear where the content of fruit juice is 10%, then ReMix Knjaz Lemonade with 14% fruit juice of juicy Sicilian lemon, ReMix Knjaz Superior Orange, with as much as 15% juice of fresh Brazilian orange and the latest in a series of innovations – ReMix Knjaz Peach, with 15% of the fruit juice of the Mediterranean peach. -