STAMPAR POLPOL Dry White Wine 6/750ml

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Brand: Stampar PolPol "Half Half"
Varietal: Quality dry white wine, 50% Grasevina and 50% Moslavac grapes
Region: Medjimurje, Croatia - sandy clay soil 
Alcohol: Ale. 11.5 % by Vol. 
Size: 750mL 
Color: Transparent, greenish-yellow hue 
Taste: Stampar POLPOL, when mixed with quality filtered still or sparkling mineral water provides a refreshing "mouthfeel" that is more complex than taste of olfactory palate is involved.

POLPOL is specifically crafted with the precise acid balance ideal for serving as Gemišt (a white wine cocktail). Gemišt derived from the German word "gemischt" and it means "mixed." It describes this popular Croatian traditional drink, made with sparkling mineral water. The ratio will usually depend on the oenology characteristics of the wine.

POLPOL translates to "half-and-half" and it s the ideal ratio for mixing with sparkling (or still) pure quality water (in which case it should be called "bevanda" but that is yet another story...).